Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In the Share - Week 18

red peppers

LETTUCE (F/P)  Welcome back, you ruffle-headed beauties!

HAKUREI TURNIPS (F/P)  and you too, turnips...

TOMATOES (F/P)  A few less than last week, but still a nice amount.

SWEET PEPPERS (F/P)  We've never grown such huge, beautiful peppers.  Enjoy!


BROCCOLI (F) Use soon, as it is a bit squirrelly.  Not sure what is causing it to unevenly ripen, but it got stressed by some combination of weather, soil and water. 



GARLIC and HOT PEPPERS (F/P)  Tom has more info. on cooking with the hot peppers in his post.

NEXT WEEK:  More tomatoes, sweet peppers, broccoli, lettuce and turnips.  New will be Napa/Chinese cabbage and eggplant.


Many of you have met Lauren Semivan at the farm this summer.  She and her new husband, Lorne, are headed towards a farm of their own and are apprenticing here in preparation.  Lauren is an accomplished art photographer with works in museums and galleries.  She has been working this summer during the little time we leave her on a new series of composed photographs.  Some bits and curiosities from the farm have even made the cut.  This week she and Lorne travel to New York City for an opening of her work at the Bonni Benrubi gallery on Wednesday night.  Go here to see the show.  Best wishes for a dazzling time! 
Before they left, the farm managed to have quite the party. 
Thanks to everyone who made our first on-farm CSA potluck and 10th anniversary of the CSA a swinging success. 
The rain stopped just in time to have a dry afternoon with very pleasant temperatures.  The baby chicks in their run provided quality entertainment to kids of all ages. 
As always, the membership cooked up some delicious fare plus a lovely cake to cap the day off. 
Here's to the next ten!

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