Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In the Share - Week Two Extended Season

ASPARAGUS  More spring shoots cut down in their prime.

LETTUCE (2)  One butterhead, one Forellenschluss

GREEN GARLIC  Young garlic from the fields - treat like green onions but more garlicky.

GAILAN  One of our new favorite crops.  As good as broccoli but more tender and more edible plant parts.

HAKUREI TURNIPS  Spring turnips out of the high tunnel are delicious.  Eat em like an apple!

RADISHES  Baby bunches of little red globes

BOK CHOY  Stir fry season has officially arrived.

HERB CHOICE Cilantro, dill and common chives.

NEXT WEEK:  More lettuces, asparagus, herbs.  Carrots, spinach and kale.

Water at the farm is in plentiful supply, a lucky thing to be able to say.  Our soil is neither blowing away as it is in the southwest, nor is it inundated with flood waters and tornadoes as it is in the southeast.  Instead our April showers are just the ticket for May flowers.

Our farm is one of many sources of the water that flows through our region.  Intermittent streams begin here on the ridge land.  Depending on the season, the streams flow from a rush to a dribble.  Right now there are little rapids in some places. 

One of these streams feeds water into our irrigation pond before overflowing through the spillway down our watershed through the Fishing River to the Missouri eventually ending up in the Gulf of Mexico.

As organic farmers, we take great care in making sure that the water that falls on our land leaves the farm as good as when it arrived.

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