Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In the Share - Week 3

STRAWBERRIES F/P   A quart for everyone this first week with hopefully much more to come.

LETTUCE F2/P1  More butterheads and red leaf varieties. 

FRISEE ENDIVE F/P  Great just in a salad, but see Tom's post for more info.

CHOICE OF GREENS  F/P  Bok choy, kale or Swiss chard.

GREEN GARLIC OR GREEN ONIONS F Soon both will begin to bulb up and give us the real deal, but for a bit longer we have the young ones.

HERBS OR ARUGULA F  This may be it for the arugula offerings this Spring.

RADISHES F/P  Red beauties with quite the kick.  Roast or sautee them to remove the heat.

BROCCOLI F/P One of our better Spring broccoli harvest is underway.  No crazy hot-pink heads this time! 

NEXT WEEK:  More lettuce, greens, herbs, broccoli and strawberries.  Kohrabi and spring turnips.

We are happy to say that things are much improved here since our last report.  The tomatoes and potatoes are green and growing back quickly.  We have loads of ripening berries in the strawberry patch although in most clusters there are several dead flowers (see above).  It seems like the freeze was a long time ago.  This week our worries have moved on to the lack of rain.  The irrigation pond is full and every row of crop is getting a line as it is planted.  We have barely had any rain as the stormy weather surrounds us.  The sky darkens but refuses to let loose over our heads.

The last few days have felt like a real Midwestern summer - hot and sticky with no rain to clear the air.  On days like today in the farm truck's passenger seat rides a big cooler of ice water.  The workers and animals alike keep hydrated as we race around the fields. With his full winter coat still on, Rocky is sticking to the shade during the day to keep cool.

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