Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What to Do With Your Share---Week 5

Saturated describes the farm right now, as even our dry ground cannot absorb over a half foot of water as quickly as it has come. We are hoping that gravity carries the excess away and warm weather returns soon.

We feel the broccoli harvest this spring has worked out well. We plant 3 different varieties at two different times. This staggered and diverse planting is our insurance plan and this year it worked, with a steady stream of this delicious brassica.

Tonight we took some advice from a blog last fall and enjoyed broccoli stem. I prefer to think of them as broccoli hearts right now, as they are incredibly tender, and need little more than salt and pepper to accent the flavor. A real treat.

June 5th lettuce harvest
Or you could get caught up on some of your lettuce with a tasty braised lettuce suggested by member Emily Akins. Her blog post from May 2012 calls the same ingredients as this week's shares. Instead of shelled peas you can simply string your sugar snap or snow peas and chop them into big chunks.

The high tunnel is entering its feeding cycle, as we have spaded and seeded with sudan grass and cowpeas. Such tillings are a Rocky magnet. He was able to enjoy lots of soft, dry ground these last few days.

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