Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What to Do With Your Share---Week 6

Summer is in our sights right now. Its first fruits are being harvested this week as zucchini makes the scene. These transitional times are always a unique overlap of two seasons' harvests. A time when you can snack on spring peas while you are grilling up some summer squash.

Believe it or not we do have members that actually ask for kohlrabi. And right now they should be pretty happy, as the second planting has produced a bulb with the blush of a cherub. We suggest that your peel and slice them as the main ingredient of your kohlrabi stir fried with garlic and egg dinner. This recipe was suggested on the Fair Share Farm CSA group page. It is open to members so join if you have not already.

Walla Wallas in the field sizing up.
I am often asked what my favorite vegetable is. While I do not think that I could name any one item, I do believe that I would not want to live in a world without onions. It seems that every savory dish I cook fundamentally relies on them. This week marks what we hope is a long supply of these alliums. We start out sweet with the young Walla Wallas, will later harvest the Tropeas and other reds, and finally move on to the dense and strong storage type.

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