Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In the Share - Week 9

CARROTS F/P  The carrot harvest is not good, but a few have survived the deluge.  Partial shares have a choice of carrots or potatoes

POTATOES F/P  See Tom's post for a nice recipe with sage.

CABBAGE F  I did an informal survey with the membership last week, and the results were seem to suggest that there will be no mutiny if we give you more cabbage.  Enjoy!

ONIONS F/P  More fresh onions from the patch

ROOTS CHOICE F  A choice of beets, turnips, radishes or kohlrabi.

HERB CHOICE F/P  Basil, summer savory, mint or sage.

TOMATOES OR FINGERLING POTATOES F  Not a fun thing for us to have to do, folks.  There just aren't enough tomatoes to go around.

SUMMER SQUASH OR CUCUMBERS F  I am hoping to get the partial shares some of these soon.  We'll see what is in the patch in the morning.

NEXT WEEK:  Potatoes, garlic, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes and herbs.

This summer we are enjoying the company of my 14- yr old niece, Ariel.  She has chosen to join us at the farm for the summer with some breaks for float trips and other fun summer activities with her cousins.  You can see her blonde head cleaning garlic with the CSA last Wednesday morning. 

Another 2.5 inches of rain fell last night after what was a nice little dry spell during which we were able to plant another round of cucumbers, squashes and beans.  We also got the chicken coop moved to a new a new spot. 

We like to move the chickens to fresh ground every three weeks or so.  This time they are on the highest ridge of the farm, but there were still puddles this morning after the rain. 

The first of the fall transplants, the cabbages, are a week or so away from being ready to go in the ground.

 If we can finds some dry ground in which to put them, that is.    The forecasters say it is about to get hot, sunny and dry.  That is exactly what we need to get the fall crops planted and get the summer fruits to ripen.  So, please no complaints if we finally get some summer weather!

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