Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 11

Missing Rocky here at the farm tonight, but reunite tomorrow at the vet's. Stubborn dog can smell medicine coming.

It is nice to see some crops coming on. The 90 degree days were a shot in the arm. Because of it the tomatillos began filling out and salsa packs will be a choice in the coming weeks and months. The fresh salsa recipe is here, and the roasted one here.

Such an easy treat
The partner vendor shares continue to delight. We get them all and find that they really round out our stock. It is nice to be able to regularly eat such high quality bread, cheese and meat. On Sunday I did some quick cooking---Companionship Bread semolina loaf, Goatsbeard feta, farm lemon basil, some salt and olive oil and a toaster oven. Real flavor.

Digging potatoes on a rainy day

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