Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the Share: Week 6

FRESH GARLIC F/P  The outer skins that protect the cloves are not dried back, but the cloves are especially juicy.

ROMAINE LETTUCE F/P  The last week of Spring lettuces.  It will be a while (September) before we see them again.

RED LEAF LETTUCE F  The lettuces have handled the heat very well considering their delicate nature.  Healthy soil and good weather gave us a bounty of salad this Spring.

SUGARSNAP PEAS F/P  Ditto on the peas.  They have been great while they lasted but 100 degree temperatures are not conducive to a long pea harvest.

SNOW PEAS P  We eat these raw too, by the way.  They are much sweeter than "store-bought".

KOHLRABI F  The infamous CSA vegetable that everyone is half-fascinated by, half-intimidated with.  Peel it well, slice it and eat it raw is my recommendation.

CABBAGE F/P  The much-anticipated cabbage crop is coming in with lots of our favorite CSA-sized heads for coleslaw and kraut-making.

GAILAN OR CHARD F  Broccoli's cousin, gai lan, is holding up in the heat so far.

FRISEE ENDIVE F  A bag of fluffy leaves for your last days of salads.

HERB CHOICE F  Mint, cutting celery or fennel.

NEXT WEEK:  Carrots, summer squash, sweet onions and basil.

Summer doesn't officially start for another week, but the heat is on early and the Spring crops are making a quick exit.  This will be the last week of big lettuces, greens and peas.  Expect lighter shares next week as we make the transition to summer fruits and roots.

The farm crew has been scurrying around the fields in order to save the harvest from the heat and pack the coolers full.  Most of our remaining time has been spent walking out irrigation tape for each row of the summer crops.  With the rows all taped, it is almost literally just the flip of a switch to water the fields now.  The newly-planted sweet potatoes are starting to add leaves thanks to irrigation.

The irrigation pond is full of water and we are ready for a dry summer.

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