Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In the Share: Week 13

SALSA PACK F  Summertime means salsa.

WALLA WALLA SWEET ONIONS F/P  Enjoy these sweet ladies sooner than later.  The sweet ones don't store as the ones with more pungency.

TOMATOES F/P  Expect some less-than-perfect ones this week.  Good varieties of tomatoes have thinner skins than their grocery store counterparts.  Ours taste like tomatoes should, but the trade-off is they crack after a rain and gets spots in the humidity.

CARROTS F/P  Orange snackers we plan to pull first thing tomorrow morning.

PASTE TOMATOES F/P  These are the perfect tomatoes for a fresh pasta sauce.  See Tom's post for more ideas.

HERB CHOICE F/P  Basil, summer savory or hot peppers.  We grow jalapenos, hot wax, and Anaheim types of hot peppers.

SUMMER SQUASH OR CUCUMBERS F  The new plantings are just starting to produce so there are more to come.

NEXT WEEK:  Tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, salsa packs, potatoes and garlic.

 The farm received two inches of rain on Monday after a three-week dry spell. It was a nice break from the heat.  We have a lot of plants and seeds in the ground for the fall shares and the rain was the perfect amount to water them in.  It doesn't always happen in the summertime, but when it does it bodes well for the fall.

Before the rain got here we managed to pull all of the onions from the field.  We've been working on this task for several weeks as the Walla Wallas mature and then on to the reds and yellows.

But the harvest was speeded up to get them in before they got wet.  The old tobacco barn is full of onions and garlic hanging from the rafters and stacked high in every available crate on the farm.

Thanks to all the sweaty folks who helped us bring in the harvest!

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