Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What to Do With Your Share---Week 13

Mainly a tomato, carrot and onion week as we regroup for the summer and wait for some new plantings of squash and cucumbers to kick in.

We grow a variety of paste tomatoes and hope that each distribution site will get a good combination of types. The blocky plum shape are a hybrid variety that is our most prolific grower. The Striped Roman are red with yellow streaking and a premier tomato for cooking into sauce.

Other tomatoes in the paste tray will look a little "ruffly." These ruffled paste tomatoes vary in color from pink to chocolate. They are from seeds we have saved since 2012, when they mysteriously appeared among our plants. They are dry, meaty and delicious, making them perfect for a thick sauce

Any and all of these tomatoes are perfect for a quick dish. We suggest the pasta estate from our blog 7 years ago. It is a way to use up just about anything from recent shares.

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