Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the Share - Week 8

In the Share:
CARROTS: (F/P) Still growing and still tasty
WALLA WALLA ONIONS (F/P) Still technically green, store in the fridge. Read Tom’s blog for more info. (scroll down past mine)
SUMMER SQUASH: (F) Just in time for some Independence Day grilling
LETTUCES (F/P) Our best summer lettuce yet. Read below for more and some pics.
GREEN BEANS (F) The first of the season. Partials get them next week.
GREEN GARLIC (F/P) Full size but not cured. Eat soon and refridgerate or hang to dry in a dry place. Partials get a choice of garlic or herbs.
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Basil, Mint or a dried herb.
CHERRY TOMATOES (F/P) Just a tasting this week.

Also this week: Bread of Life bread share delivery

Next Week: More summer squash, cucumbers, and beans. Tomatoes (we hope!) Parker Farms meat and egg share delivery.

Farm report
This week you are receiving some of our best summer lettuce yet. The cooler weather has definitely helped. Summer lettuce is a bit of a gamble in our part of the world. At Peacework Organic Farm in western NY where Tom and I met they distribute lettuce to their members every week of the CSA season. We, on the other hand, are lucky to get a good harvest for a month or so in the spring and fall. Over the years we’ve tried different heat-resistant types with some luck. Mostly though the summer romaines and crispheads we’ve trailed have refused to grow very big before beginning to send up a flower stalk. Flowers are fine and good, but does not a good lettuce head make. So, this week we are in for a treat. The cool, rainy weather allowed the lettuces to grow to a decent size for the shares. These are not the buttery heads of spring, but they have a good crunchy sweetness. The varieties include: Anuenue (green crisphead), Magenta (not the magenta colored one, the pale bronze & green one), Cherokee (the magenta-colored one) and Nevada (green, ruffled romaine). We have more summer lettuce growing. These younger plants are probably two weeks away from being ready to harvest. We’ve got them under 50% shade cloth that will protect them from the harshest of the sun and heat of July.

P.S. Tonight, the farm’s faithful dog, Rocky, saved said lettuces from the mouths of two deer. A few barks from him in our yard led he and I to an investigative trip to the fields. There we spied two deer who had come through a section of the fence that had fallen from the posts. The chase ensued past the fence and through the wheat fields of the Graff farm. Rocky returned with my call and trotted triumphantly home. He gets this spring in his step, almost a prance, when he has successfully chased off an unwanted critter. He really loves his job, and we love him for it.

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