Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What’s in the Share---Week 12

More Summer Fare

This week’s share includes tried and true veggies of summer, and needs little explanation. With the current tomato surplus I hope that you try a simple tomato salad. Last year when I was home in Cincinnati with my brother, he went straight for the box of tomatoes I brought, cut a couple heirlooms in a big bowl, sprinkled a little salt, olive oil and vinegar on them and started in. It’s a simple, delicious treat and a wonderful way to make sure none of your tomatoes goes to waste.

Summer Canning

Tomato and chili sauce (more exactly Clara Zimmer’s Chili Sauce c. 1918) are the tasks at hand right now. A photo of the ingredients for each is shown, respectively. Little more than salt and oil was needed for the tomato sauce, while the chili sauce also called for 1-1/4 cup brown sugar and 2 cups vinegar and some pickling spices. The veggies in those crates was converted into 6 quarts of tomato sauce and 10 pints (5 quarts) of chili sauce.

Each called for between 20 and 25 pounds of tomatoes, showing that, canning can be an expensive (but very worthwhile) venture if you are buying your produce. These days though, it can cost less than a tank of gas, and can fuel you through the winter. Of course if you grow your own all you need it to do is be ready when the tomatoes are.

Bulk List

Fair Share Farm
CSA Bulk Order Form Week of 7/28/08

Item Member Cost Non- Member Cost
Beets $2.75/qt $3.00/qt
Pickling pack* (small cukes)
$17.00 $19.00
Pickling pack* (med. cukes)
$13.00 $15.00
Pickling pack* (large cukes)
$11.00 $13.00
Paste tomatoes (No. 1's)
$2.25/lb $2.75/lb
$1.75/lb over 10 lb $2.25/lb over 10 lb
Tomato seconds
$1.75/lb $2.00/lb
$1.50 over 10 lb $1.75 over 10 lb
$1.75//bu $2.00/bu
$1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Dill flowers
$1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Dried herbs
$1.75 $2.00
thyme, marjoram, dried hot
peppers, lovage, lavendar
flowers, coriander, oregano

* Pickling pack aromatics choices are garlic, dill, or cornichon

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