Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What’s in the Share---Week 11

Summer Fare

The peak has arrived. The summer harvest is bringing us the tomatoes everyone seems to be craving at sign-up. While we can’t label every one, and the hybrids and heirlooms are mixed together, here is some general info on what’s to choose from:

Purple: Cherokee Purple, Black Krim
Pink: Brandywine, Rose de Berne, Hungarian Heart
Yellow/Orange: Amana Orange, Striped German, Goldie, Orange Blossom, Golden Girl
Green: Green Zebra, Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Red: Costoluto Genovese, Early Girl, Goliath, Bolseno, BHN 826

The herb share this week is a great compliment to the tomatoes. Try the basil on fresh tomatoes, and use the oregano when cooking with them.

Summer Canning

The peak also applies to the canning season. Due to this fact, this blog will be a little short, as canning is in progress. We are lucky to have a resource like the farm to be the source of our veggies. Many of those vegetables that are just a little too blemished or damaged to distribute to the CSA find their way into our farm stores. Right now all the seconds tomatoes, small headed garlic, funny looking carrots, leftover basil and field pulled onions we can find are being combined into our tomato sauce. The recipe is here.

Bulk List

The bulk list is expanding this week as the tomatoes come in, and some pickling cukes finally come available. All of these items will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Simply email me your order and it will be filled based on availabilities. This week Rebecca will be at Bad Seed with some surplus tomatoes.

CSA Bulk Order Form Week of 7/21/08
Item Member Cost Non- Member Cost

Beets $2.75/qt $3.00/qt
Pickling pack* (small cukes) $17.00 $19.00
Pickling pack* (med. cukes) $13.00 $15.00
Pickling pack* (large cukes) $11.00 $13.00
Paste tomatoes (No. 1's) $2.25/lb $2.75/lb
$1.75/lb over 10 lb $2.25/lb over 10 lb
Tomato seconds $1.75/lb $2.00/lb
$1.50 over 10 lb $1.75 over 10 lb
Summer squash - lg. $1.00 each $1.50 each
Summer squash - med. $0.50 each $0.75 each
Summer squash - baby $3/qt $3.50/qt
Basil $1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Parsley $1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Tarragon $1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Oregano $1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Dill flowers $1.75//bu $2.00/bu
Dried herbs $1.75 $2.00

thyme, marjoram, dried hot
peppers, lovage, lavendar
flowers, coriander, oregano

* Pickling pack aromatics choices are garlic, dill, or cornichon

NEED TO KNOW MORE? Go to our Recipe page and search.

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