Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cold, Wet Spring

We know this Spring has been slow in starting, and we now have the data to prove it. We get the Horizon Report from MU Extension during the growing season, and it tells us what the soil temps are, what weeds to expect, weather predictions and other info. This soil temp chart shows that the soil has been below the 9 year average all Spring long. That is why only now the peas, beets and carrots are popping out of the ground, as they need it to be at least 50 degrees to germinate.

Meanwhile, we have been stymied from planting since we got 3.2 inches of rain overnight Friday. We did uncover the strawberries (they look good) and set the bee hives on some soggy ground to stay on schedule with those things. We also built a small pen for the 2 sheep that arrive next week. We plan on being busy planting all day Friday and Saturday.

Just uncovered strawberry plants

Keith and Nancy setting the hives

Bee home

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