Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally Farmin' (revised)

2009 has been the most difficult year yet to find a window to plant the Spring crops. And while we are neither crazy nor mad, we planted like we were over the last 3 days. We were thus able to get caught up on our schedule. Here's the rundown--600 broccoli plants, 400 cabbage, 525 Asian greens, 200+ Chinese cabbage, 900 shallots, 600 kohlrabi, 2,400 onions, 150 Red Russian kale, 500 cilantro/dill, and 1,200 potatoes. We also direct seeded 400 ft sugar snap peas, 600 ft carrots, 300 ft Hakurei turnips, 200 ft radishes, and 150 ft arugula. Our transplants are as healthy as they have ever been, and we feel lucky they have been in the greenhouse instead of the field over the last several weeks.

When we were done planting the hard part came, covering all the transplants with row cover. It's one of those things that you just have to experience to appreciate it's calorie burning power. Organic crunches. The video shows how it looks like a Cristo installation when the breeze is blowing.

Here are a few photos and a video of Rebecca at work.

Cabbage transplants

Rebecca planting broccoli

Broccoli in the ground

Row cover with chorus frogs singing.


Average Jane said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to all of the fresh veggies.

gary said...

The farm, the blog- and Rocky -are all looking good.
I feel lucky to be even a small part of such a great endeavor.
Thanks for the update.

Emily said...

Love the Cristo installation with the chorus of frogs. Beautiful. You guys are doing so much more than farming out there.