Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Lots of progress and busy at the farm this week, though planting vegetables hasn't been the main activity. The snow, thaw, overnight rain and soaking rain forecast for Thursday has precluded the cultivating and planting we are usually doing in late-March/early-April. We feel good about the quality of transplants we have been growing this year, but as you can see, they are accumulating at the greenhouse instead of in the field. We'll get them out there yet.

It has been "dry" enough though to plant the 23 new fruit trees we ordered (8 Freedom apple, 8 Gold Rush apple and 7 Asian pears). With the help of our intern Kara, we got them all in the ground Wednesday, staked them and mulched them. There are now 46 trees in the orchard that we hope will someday provide for fruit in the share several times a year.

The lettuce in the field survived under the row cover, as you can see.


Emily said...

Phew! Glad to know the lettuce is holding on. Were the temps threatening this week or no?

Love the lettuce-eye view photo. And all your transplants are beautiful!

I can't believe you have 46 fruit trees! Wow!

tom the farmer said...

The temps have moderated, though we remain on alert.