Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the Share - Week 5

FORELLENSCHLUSS LETTUCE (F/P) The 'Troutback' is a prettily-speckled and melt-in-your-mouth tender romaine.
STRAWBERRIES (F/P) As the patch ages, the berries don't keep as well. Devour these soon after receiving.
SUGARSNAP PEAS (F/P) The first peas from the half of the patch that survived the spring.
BROCCOLI (F) The broccoli is going quick. This is it's last performance until it's grand encore in the fall.
TURNIPS, BEETS OR KOHLRABI (F) Partial shares will get this choice next week.
GREENS CHOICE: (F/P) Swiss Chard, Kale, Bok choi or Tatsoi. Full shares get a choice of two, partial shares one.
SCALLIONS OR ARUGULA (F/P) The only arugula of the season is here now and not again til fall.
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Parsley, Dill, Summer savory or a dried herb. New dried herb packages this week will have bay or chili peppers. Read on Farmer Tom's post for more info.

ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life Bakery shares
The weather continues to give us lots of opportunities for work. Today we focused our attentions on the spring field. Emily and I tied up cherry tomatoes while Matt mowed and Farmer Tom ... took photos (!?!)
The spring field is full and growing fast. We all pitched in to add more hay mulch to the no-till potatoes. Here's farm apprentice, Matt Maes, showing good form.

So far we continue to find much to do even with 'Grandpa' the Tractor still out on service. Farmer Tom will fill you in on that one. Luckily, I suppose, much of our work requires us to walk the fields and tend the crops by hand. In the case of our no-till beds, a bit of stoop labor at the start of the season eliminates weeding time later on. Many crops, like potatoes, prefer the environment that the hay mulch provides and yield much better than in the open ground.

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