Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What to Do WIth Your Share---Week 5

All sorts of vegetables are maturing now, some in large enough quantities to give to everyone, and others in amounts that require choice. We have been enjoying the Romaine lettuce and endive. Rebecca has become a Caesar salad expert, getting one together in no time flat.

Tonight we searched the web for a wilted frisee (aka endive) recipe. Sauteed Lemon Maple Frisee from epicurious.com is what we chose. It was excellent. Very little bitterness remained in the endive after the cooking and addition of lemon juice and maple syrup. Dried cranberries or other dried fruit would have been a great addition to this dish. A nice way to try out endive during one of the few times a year you will get it.

One other addition to this week's share choices are several new dried herbs. Too big to fit into tins, these herbs are served up in small bags. We have bay leaf and hot peppers, along with mint in a more "tea size" serving.

Along with the cooking and farming, we have been working to get "Grandpa" tractoring again. We now have a new radiator (thanks Avondale Tractor) installed on his front. Next step is to reattach the head of the engine with its new valves courtesy of Liberty Auto Machine. The only thing missing is a head gasket. Our initial search proved futile. Since then we have found two possible sources, and have bought from both to make sure we satisfy Grandpa's specific needs.

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