Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is it Really Spring?

We are getting antsy to get going in the fields at Fair Share Farm, but the weather, and our farmer's sense tell us, be patient. We have learned that a transplant in the greenhouse with warm roots will give us a healthier plant than one that gets set out into 40 degree soil. And while we've seeded some peas and spinach, it remains too cold and wet for much else.

And cold and wet is the word. For the next five days the warmest temperature we can expect is 45 deg F; and 4 of the next 5 nights will see temps in the mid to high 20's. All are well below the balmy average of 60 deg F during the day and 40 deg F at night.

So we continue working in the greenhouse, and in the barn, and clearing brush, and planning, and whatever else we can do.

First day of Spring

Snow on the garlic Friday morning

Seeding the eggplant in mini-soil blocks

Stinging nettles, a Spring treat

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