Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the Share - Week 2

Week 1 bok choi harvest

LETTUCE (F/P) We got "pea-size" hail this afternoon, so expect some extra speckles on your lettuce this week. The bruising is small enough to ignore when the lettuce tastes this good.

HAKUREI TURNIPS (F/P) The first juicy Hakureis of the season. If you have never had this variety of turnip you are in for a treat. Go ahead, eat em like an apple.

GREEN ONIONS (F/P) More tender alliums to zest up every dish

TAT SOI (F/P) Related to bok choi. Use similarly, although the leaves are tender enough to chop up and eat raw. See Tom's post for more info. on our "Asian spinach"

BOK CHOI OR RED RUSSIAN KALE (F) This is the last of spring bok choi and the first of the kale. Either way you'll be eating well.

CHERRY BELLE RADISHES (F) The last of these red darlings until our next radish planting matures.

GREEN GARLIC (F) Chop up the tender white and light green half and add to well... every dish is better with some green garlic.

ASPARAGUS (P) I know it was difficult last week to walk by the asparagus for the full shares with none for you. You have been patient and now you get your reward.

HERB CHOICE (F/P) Fennel, cilantro and dill. We think the mixed bunches are popular so we will continue to make alot of them. Let us know what you think.

ALSO THIS WEEK: Parker Farms delivery

NEXT WEEK: More lettuces, turnips and green onions. Perhaps the first taste of strawberries. Arugula, spinach and kohlrabi.

The farm is a buzz with happy spring activity. Yesterday Fair Share Farm CSA member and beekeeper, Keith Stubblefield, visited to check the bee hives. We could tell by looking at the entrance to the hive that there were alot of bees.

Upon opening the hives we were greeted by this happy sight.

Good news for all those honey lovers out there (Farmer Tom being one of the biggest), we have some happy bees. For the last two years we have struggled to have sucessful bee hives. Out of eight colonies that we have brought in, there are just two remaining. But boy are those two looking good. Since they had filled up most of the space, we put two additional boxes on each hive. That will give them plenty of room to spread out and make even more honey.

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