Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the Share - Week 3 Extended Season


ASPARAGUS  Hooray! Fresh spears for all!

SPINACH  The last of the high tunnel crop.

HEAD LETTUCE (2)  We have an assortment to choose from:  butterheads, red leaf and romaines.

FRISSEE ENDIVE  frilly heads to go in a salad or light sautee.

HAKUREI TURNIPS  Not our best crop, but they are still pretty good.

RED RADISHES  Round ladies with a bite.

BRAISING MIX  Time to chop down the kale, chard and Asian greens in the high tunnel.  The result is a yummy bag of greens.

CHIVE FLOWERS  The flowers are the thing to eat, not their woody stalks.  A pretty fresh garnish on every dish.

NEXT WEEK:  We are dependent on the great outdoors again and 77 more members are joining us.  Lettuce, herbs, bok choy, kale and green onions.

It is a beautiful time of year on the farm.  Everything green is responding to the nice temperatures and a good soaking rain last night. 1.6 inches fell which was a nice end to a busy several days of planting and fieldwork. 

rye & vetch cover crop and Swiss chard

This year, unlike years previous, we did not put hay mulch on the Spring cabbages and broccolis.  Instead, I've been able to use our electric tractor to cultivate and, with the help of the farm crew and our hoes, we've been able to take care of the weeds mechanically. 

The latest dry spell made this task possible and we were able to put in 600 cucumber and 200 squash and 550 tomato plants and 800 feet of beans. 
Farm Apprentices, Semra and Megan, plus Rebecca transplanting.

While the humans buzz around the fields, the canine and feline recognize the benefit of resting in the shade. 
Rocky and Momma Kitty being friendly despite the 100+ lb. difference between them.

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Don't forget to bring your own bag for pick up tonight! See you soon. Stacey Cook