Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In the Share - Week 3

STRAWBERRIES F2/P1  The harvest is in full force right now and the berries as yummy as they are pretty.

LETTUCE F2/P1  Green romaine and butterheads for the full shares, red leaf lettuce for the partials.

TATSOI F/P  Sweet and tender enough to eat raw, but also great stir-fried.

GREEN ONIONS OR GREEN GARLIC F  Last of both for a while. 

HAKUREI TURNIPS F/P  an inch of rain in every bite!!

BROCCOLI F/P  We are proud of our broccoli this week.  It survived another crazy Missouri Spring and is beautiful, tender and delicious!

GAI LAN F  "Chinese broccoli" is our newest favorite crop.  See Tom's blog for methods of preparation.


NEXT WEEK:  More strawberries, lettuces, kale, chard, radishes, bok choy and herbs.  Perhaps the first of the kohlrabi and sugarsnap peas.

Holy deluge, Batman!  Another inch of rain fell last night, making the total in May so far over 12 inches.  The weather folks say that we have a new record for number of rainy days in the month of May.  We would rather if the weather stayed within the data of the last 100 years or so since we started keeping track, but every year there is some new extreme event - latest freeze, driest year, hottest year, wettest Spring, etc. 

The fields are full of running water and mud.  In many places we have grass paths and some mulch down, but harvesting the un-mulched broccoli (that I was so happy about a few weeks back!) was a messy job today.  Tom and I are incredibly happy with how the crops are handling the water so far.  Later on we aren't so sure about the summer crops, but the broccoli, strawberries and lettuces are exceptionally nice right now.  Not many growers in the area go to the trouble with these crops as they can be unpredictable and are labor-intensive.   But when they are at their best, like they are now, the work is so worth it.  We hope that our CSA supporters appreciate the love and attention that goes into the food that we are offering and enjoy the bounty!

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Andrea Ways Newman said...

what a GORGEOUS bunch of strawberries!!! mmm