Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In the Share - Week 17

POTATOES F/P  Desiree pink-skinned potatoes.  See Tom's post for combining with the garlic chive flowers.

TOMATOES F/P  A few of our late-season Bella Rosa hybrid reds are ripening now along with a few of the heirlooms.  Give them a few days on the counter to ripen completely. 

GARLIC F2/P1 Artichoke type

GREENS CHOICE F/P  We are hoping it stays dry tonight so that we can get the greens out in the morning.  We'll have the first harvest of the fall arugula, kale and turnip greens to choose from.


GREEN BEANS F  The last of the bush beans and more Rattlesnake pole beans.

SALSA PACK/EGGPLANT/GROUND CHERRY CHOICE F/P  Full shares get a choice of salsa or eggplant, while the partial shares get their chance at the ground cherries.  See Tom's post from last week for more info. on them.



GARLIC CHIVE FLOWERS F/P  Pretty and garlicky flowers to garnish any dish. 

NEXT WEEK:  More tomatoes, peppers, beans, salsa packs, and eggplant.  Carrots and onions return.

Damp weather has returned to the farm.  The three inches of rain in the last week led to a few very foggy mornings. 

On Thursday we hosted a small tour of farmers to show off our SARE trial. It is a two-year study and still very much a work in progress.  Tom did get to show off the NTPA (no-till planting aid) he built.  It worked like a charm.  Now we just need to find a spot on the farm without bindweed!  For more details on the project, read this.

We wanted to thank all of you who have been showing up at the farm to pick beans.  We couldn't have gotten the harvest in without you.  Thank you. And do you see what I see in the photo of our bean pickers?

See it?  That's the heart of the farm, right there!  ... although there is one in the foggy Rocky photo too!  What is going on at this groovy farm of ours?  Hearts everywhere!

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