Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What to Do With Your Share---Week 17

When August turns to September, our minds turn to the shortening days, and the plantings to get in before the curtain closes. The light of the sun waxes and wanes every year, and there isn't anything we can do about it. Nature is predictable in that way, and the annual transition to fall is one we enjoy.

This year we are pleased to have an ongoing supply of potatoes that will continue into the fall. We love fresh potatoes, and the varieties we have are perfect for country fries. Just cut your potato into skinny wedges or chunks, mix with dried herbs, salt and oil, and bake at 425 F until toasty.

And while there are only two of us, we regularly cook for four, and find our toaster oven to be the perfect appliance for a batch of potatoes. We chose it over a microwave for the great job it does baking, broiling, toasting and roasting, all without heating up the house. An indispensable tool.

This week the herbs return, and in a form we have not handed out before. Back at the start of our life on the farm we planted about 3 or so garlic chive plants on our patio. With no coaxing they have propagated well. You get dozen of seeds from each flower head, and so it appears we will always have garlic chive flowers.

They serve well as a garnish on such seasonal treats as potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. Just pull the flower-heads off the stalks and sprinkle on your favorite dish.

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