Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In the Share - Week 4

BROCCOLI F/P  A favorite crop of mine.  It can be challenging to grow and so it is extra nice when it does as well as it is now.

LETTUCES F/P  Everyone is getting two lettuces this week:  butterheads, red leaf and romaine types.

STRAWBERRIES F/P  Even after a swarm of u-pickers descended on the patch last weekend, there are still plenty of berries.  Everyone will get a quart this week.  By next week there will be less.

KOHLRABI F  See Tom's post for some helpful hints on preparing broccoli's space-age cousin.

GARLIC SCAPES F/P  The young flower stalk of the garlic plant.  See Tom's post on this one also.

RADISHES F/P  Pink radishes from the second planting.  It may be the last of the radishes until fall.

PEAS F  The first picking of sugarsnap and snow peas, with hopefully enough for all by next week. 

BOK CHOY F  The last of the Asian greens until fall.

NEXT WEEK:  Lettuces, kale and chard, peas, kohlrabi, turnips, and strawberries. 

One benefit to living on the farm is the steady stream of fun and interesting people who visit us.  Mostly these folks are CSA members along with their children, parents, grandchildren, friends, co-workers, etc. in tow out to complete their work shifts.  With the u-pick strawberry option this past weekend we had quite the crowd. 

This past Thursday we had a visitor of a different sort, Tara with Fermentation on Wheels.  She is driving a 40 ft. bus across the country to spread knowledge about fermented foods.

The bus serves as her home and classroom with a long two-tier countertop of krauts, misos, kefirs, kombuchas, beers and meads.  Fermentation on Wheels came to the Bad Seed last weekend and was a success until her bus had mechanical problems.  Lucky for us Tara needed a place to park while some parts were replaced.

During her stay she enthusiastically joined us in our daily work and has generously shared her knowledge and precious ferments.  Tom and I have enjoyed her visit and wish her well on the rest of her journey.  Next stop:  Des Moines, Iowa. 

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Liz said...

Hey friends,
I notice your garlic also has brown tips. Does it seem a little early for them to be turning? Mine started to turn during the dry spell about a month ago but it hasn't seemed to progress much this past few weeks. Do you think it's going to be an early harvest this year?
Fabulous share you have this week!!!!