Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 6

Another day, another couple inches of rain. But it is warming up finally and the nights are getting up near 70 degrees. In the field, however, the harvest looks like April---lettuce, Asian greens, hakurei turnips, endive. As they say though, it’s all good.

So this week its time to take a look back at some recipes from very early in the season. It’s always nice to hear from the members when they come out for their farm shifts, that they like a certain dish that was posted on the blog.
One such item is spinach balls, or in this week’s case either chard or kale balls. You can substitute those greens, as well as your beet tops. The recipe even calls for some frisee.

Not sure what to do with those extra hakurei turnips? I here from the members that the curried turnip recipe is a go-to dish. The trick with hakureis is to not cook them too long, as they will render a lot of liquid and get a little mushy. Cook them al dente.

If you still have that Chinese cabbage from last week try a stir-fry salad. A welcome addition to any meal.
I don't usually quote Sylvester Stallone, but last year Jody from our farm crew brought up the quote in the photo below after we lost 300 tomato plants to a May 16 freeze and immediately started replanting. He made this plaque for us over the winter and it hangs in our new barn. Once again Rocky's words ring true. Lucky for us no season is forever, and we have the CSA behind us.

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