Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 4

The end of May into June can be one of the greenest times of year, and this season it did not disappoint. Now that the water is not running across the ground anymore, and the temperatures have risen, we expect even more greenery. Or purpley as the case may be.

One such example is our Kolibri kohlrabi. This purple jacketed vegetable is more tender than any planting that I can remember. We hope you enjoy it. We also hope that as CSA members you have become experts in peeling and preparing this relative newcomer to the culinary world (it first appeared in Europe in the 1500's.)

The photos below hopefully give you a good idea of the simplest way to prep it. Cut off the top and bottom, creating a flat surface for it to rest on. Use a knife to peel the skin off from top to bottom. Once you are done trim off any spots you may have missed.

You now have a 100% edible piece of kohlrabi. Slice it up and eat it. Go here for all of our blogs where we talk about kohlrabi.

Another newbie to the shares this week are garlic scapes. They are as good as ever, and ready for chopping into a salad, a dressing, or a pesto.

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